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Re: VOY: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Question to those who follow the Voyager novels, particularly those who have just read Eternal Tide!

I've always wanted to pick up the series of books that take place after the show but when I found out they had killed off Janeway in one I was turned off from starting the series. She was my favorite character on the show and it just didn't seem right to read them without her.

So my question is this - since I heard that Janeway comes back in the Eternal Tide (honestly the cover was kind of a giveaway ), would it be absolutely necessary for me to read the previous books or can I just jump right in with Eternal Tide?

Voyager wasn't about Janeway. It was about a group of characters, and different kind of stories. I will never understand why people will deny themselves good stories about interesting characters, just because one character died. And this is coming from someone who only really started liking the Voyager characters thanks to Kirsten's books.

Janeway was/is only one character (and in my opinion not a very interesting one) in a whole ensemble. Go and read the novels by Kirsten, especially the ones without Janeway, and you'll see that this crew, this group of people, are AS good as they are without her, then with.
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