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Re: Adobe Reader update question

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Hi all, can someone tell me why I can't seem to update Adobe Reader 8 to Adobe Reader 11 on my Windows XP? I was trying to open a pdf and it told me to update it so I dl-ed it, saved it and then ran it. Then, nothing. It wouldn't do anything. When I tried to check for updates again, it keeps saying none are available. It's as if it's updated but it won't let me actually USE the update.

I haven't updated AR in a while. Could that be it?

Any help would be appreciated...

Btw, my system still says I have an AR 8, not AR 11. So I guess it hasn't updated. But it won't let me "find" any more updates.
Yeah, your best option is to uninstall and reinstall the program. I get these same issues with Adobe Flash. Of course, I'm one of these people who recommends FoxIt (, because it's much faster, much lighter on resources than Adobe Reader, and 100% compatible. It's also free.

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