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Re: Anyone familiar with the BBC version of Sherlock Holmes? (spoiler

Mswood!!--my boss just lightened my load--at last--today (translation--his boss began screaming at him for not being on site enough). I was looking for Supernatural on his computer and that's how I happened upon Sherlock. Not only had I never watched it, I'd never heard of it. I had no interest in Sherlock Holmes prior. I didn't even know that Irene Adler was a canoncial character; I thought she was someone these writers created.

As for Sherlock surviving the fall--he must have jumped into the lorry that was parked there. He must have; it could have been filled with mattresses. Sherlock did ask Moriarty to step away and give him privacy.

It's not a given he'd survive the fall. Molly has another body available. There was a small building between Sherlock and John--Sherlock implores John to stay right where he is. That's key, I think. Sherlock can't afford to have John see him land. Sherlock pays off so many homeless and street artists around the city--the cyclist obviously leveled John on purpose. John falls down, hits his head; he's woozy. The people crowd around the body but John never gets a really good look though he manages to grab the wrist to check for a pulse. I agree that Mycroft must be involved somehow. He's got to be. He certainly owes Sherlock after giving Moriarty all the ammuntion he needed. Sherlock picks the place with Moriarty; he gets John out of the way with the phony call about Mrs. Hudson...but he's hoping he won't have to go through with it, that Moriarty will call off the gunman. Then Moriarty offs himself unexpectedly. Sherlock realizes he has no choice but to go through with it and he's in tears because he realizes he'll never see his friend again, and that he must ruin his own reputation to spare John's public reputation. His sadness on the roof at that moment is more than genuine.

Oh, the character work, mswood. It draws me like a moth to the flame. I did finally check out an episode of Elementary. It wasn't bad. Jonny Lee Miller is a fine English actor but, as I expected, I was underwhelmed by Lucy Liu. The chemistry just isn't there. Holmes and Watson must have chemistry or it's just another procedural. It's more clever than the CSI genre, granted, but it's not the tender genius of Cumberbatch and Freeman. Not by a mile. Those two are lightning in a bottle.

I've started Jekyll. Damn, that shit is scary.

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