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Re: AMC's The Killing renewed for season 3

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BS. I never saw the Danish version and I think the AMC version was great.
You should watch it, if you like The Killing you'll abolutely love Forbrydelsen.

And no, I think AMC is bringing the show back because of it's high quality.
No way, AMC wouldn't know quality if it bites it in the ass. It doesn't even matter if you or I like or dislike The Killing. And it's not like the level of quality or critical reception changed between the cancellation and the revival, it's most likely that they realized that they really have nothing to fill the slots and replace their soon ending shows. AMC stumbled into all of their successes, they are not HBO or Showtime, they don't know how to handle original programming. Look at The Walking Dead, it's an incredible success and AMC's strategy since the first season seems to be "Slash the budget, piss off the talent" when thy should throw money at Mazzara right now telling him "Do what you want!" considering the ratings the show brings.
AMC gave us Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Rubicon, The Killing, and some would say, The Walking Dead.

They may not know what to do with great shows when they get them (they screwed around with the budgets on MM, BB, and prematurely cancelled Rubicon and The Killing), but AMC most definitely knows quality when they come across it.
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