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Paper Moon
Re: Petition CBS to fix the problems with TNG:S2 Blu.

Wow, folks, calm down. Signing NewHorizon's petition takes a teeny-weeny-eensy bit of effort. I imagine it took him no more than an hour to set it up. He lets it sit and gather what signatures it will and then, after some amount of time, sends it off to CBS. That is, cumulatively, a very small amount of effort expended on this project.

I doubt CBS will redo S2 anytime soon, but they might eventually, and will be more likely to do so at some point if there's a petition with however many fans nicely asking them to.

Furthermore, something like this reminds them that the fans do care about this stuff.

Lastly, this petition is polite. This petition does not say, "I'm a crazy Trekkie and I demand that you fix every last continuity error in episode 28, such as when the Yamato's dedication plate clearly does not say 'Yamato,' but is rather an obvious and lazy reuse of the Enterprise bridge set," la Comic Book Guy. NewHorizon has written a polite, nice letter saying that we care about this and would appreciate CBS considering bringing S2 up to S1's quality. It's reasonable and is frankly the kind of letter I would write if I was disappointed with a product put out by a local, Mom-and-Pop store.

He freely admits that it probably won't go anywhere, but he wants to give it a shot, because he gives a damn.

Where exactly is the harm in that?
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