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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

Paradise Syndrome

The CD for the Bremner suite lists the cues that comprise the suite. Comparing that cue list with the new set, and listening to season 3 disc 1, I'm struck by how the suite really is just a bunch of Fried's cues stitched together. Pretty much all Bremner did compositionally, was patch the "paradise" cues more-or-less seamlessly into one concert piece.

I say "all", as if that were so friggin easy that just anyone could do it. But I thought it was interesting, especially with an eye toward re-creating the suite by making a playlist of the cues we now have in the new set. It's pretty much possible to do that. But there are three provisos:
  • The suite lists something called "Birth Announcement" right before "False God". We don't have a "Birth Announcement" cue in the new set. Comparing the suite to the new set, I'm pretty sure "Birth Announcement" is just the cue "Wind", which leads right into "False God" (track 23 of s3d1).
  • Several of the "paradise" cues sort of smash-cut to an Enterprise cue. That would be jarring if you tried to arrange a playlist of cues to re-create the suite you'd get some abrupt cut-offs. Bremner had the orchestra finish the cue and then start playing the next cue, in an orderly fashion, without these "cuts" to other scenes.
  • The Royal Philharmonic is a larger instrument than Fried used in studio. The new set credits 23 or 24 musicians (does the orchestra manager count?), which is a decent number; but I'm sure the Royal is a larger body. Bremner re-arranged the music to play it with this larger group, and the difference in sound is evident. I really notice it in the False God cues, which have the biggest & boldest statements of the New God / False God theme. On the new set, it sounds like the bass line is being played only on a single bass (sounds electric to me). In the suite, sounds like a whole section hitting the bass line adds a lot of power to the theme.
So: I think you can patch together a version of the Bremner suite using the cues we now have (you'll need to edit some WAV files). But it's not going to sound quite the same as the suite.

Bremner missed a trick by not including the cue "Back To Reality". It reprises the opening "Pine Trees" cue, but on a solo stringed instrument (viola?) rather than woodwind, making it a lament, where the opening cue has a feel of quiet optimism or renewal. It's devastating. Would have fit in beautifully at its proper place in the suite (after the False God stuff, before the Death of Miramanee). There are a couple other "paradise" cues Bremner omitted, possibly for space reasons, that would have fit the mood ("Forest Montage", "Troubling Dreams", etc). But that "Back To Reality" cue packs an impact, and is a real loss to the suite.

I did some nitpicking, but I want to add that I think Bremner's suite is a legit concert piece. I'm grateful that he put something together that has some chance of getting Fried's music for this episode into the repertoire.
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