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Re: MASSIVE Elementary School Shooting in CT *12-24 Maybe be dead

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My sympathies. I've known a couple of people who keep guns because they too believe that Big Gubmint Socialists and New World Order types will one day come to strip them of their liberties. It's ridiculous.

We live in one of the most stable and arguably the most successful democracy in all of human history and yet we have a delusional subculture who thinks police or soldiers are going to smash down their doors and confiscate their means of defending themselves as part of some sinister plot to shred the Constitution. Some are misguided and misinformed. Others aren't exactly right in the head. Still others are just plain stupid and probably shouldn't be trusted with the instructions on a shirt.
The poor ass way the American revolution is taught is a great help to the delusional sense of citizens with arms is of necessity. The mythologizing of the power of citizen arms comes greatly from the Revolution, but really the militia elements were militarily useless for the most part. The distance over which the British had to fight and the size of the land they were trying to quell in short order were of far more reason for the British failure to crush the revolution. The militias were always under funded and of low morale when fighting away from their home territories. Yet, today the myth of Concord and Lexington has long over shadowed the truth that they were insignificant on the field and overall, lacking a Continental Army, the colonies would have fallen to the British forces in pretty quick order.
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