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Re: This Borg vs Dominion Thingy

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To say nothing of Eris being telepathic.

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When we first encountered the Dominion their technology was unstoppable, their warriors were the best, and they took out a Galaxy class starship with little effort. By the end of Season 7 of DS9 runabouts could take out Jem'Hadar attack ships.
I don't think the Jem'Hadar were as watered down as you make it seem. Sisko physically took on J'H soldiers in The Jem'Hadar (as does Bashir just one episode later), and three runabouts all survived up against J'H fighters. The Odyssey was only taken out by a suicide run, which I'm not sure really counts as 'little effort'. (Up to the individual on that one I guess.)

Walking through forcefields and long-range transporters aside, I think most of the later battle stuff was just the Federation stepping up its game. It takes a little while to switch from exploration mode to war mode.
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