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Re: Would You Be Ok With Khan Being A CGI Ricardo Montalban?

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Make sure you do some rewriting to enhance the chest area.
Oh god, 900 more threads about whether Ricardo Montalban's boobs are fake (in the original they're real, and they're magnificent) only this time they're actually CG titties. The mass confusion and anger between those saying real or fake or both will tear Trek fandom apart.
What if...

What if the role of Khan were to be portrayed by Ricardo Montalban's CGI pecs alone?

Star Trek Into Décolletage

You know how after Oliver Reed died during the making of Gladiator, they just CGI'd his face onto some other guy? Same deal, except where the face should be, you get Mr. Roarke and Tattoo (That's what he calls them, you see --one's slightly larger than the other).
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