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Re: Series 7b screencaps *Spoilers*

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I'm getting a funny feeling that every episode in the 50th anniversary season is going to connect back to something in the past.
Next season is the anniversary season. We're not there yet.

Mr Awe
Eh... we're getting the rest of S7, an Anniversary Special, and a Christmas Special in 2013. Since none of S8 proper airs in 2013, I think it's fair to call the second half of S7 "Anniversary Season" . Earlier in the year, I had hoped we'd see the rest of S7 and at least part of S8 would be aired before/around the Special, but, they weren't able to swing that.
Hmmmph. Yeah, I had forgotten about those rumors. Probably mentally blocked them. If true, yeah, I think you're right.

I was thinking the first half of season 8 was going to be the anniversary season. Fiddlesticks.

Mr Awe
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