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Re: Everytime I watch TWOK/TSFS...

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Burial coffins are usually sealed shut with nails
Coffins cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. No one is going to be securing them with "nails." The latches and locks usually are brass.

In the case of Spock, it was important to protect the crew from the radioactive fallout that his corpse would be emitting.
Ionizing radiation can cause damage to living tissues, however it can not cause those tissues to become radioactive themselves. Any metal pieces on Spock's uniform could have been irradiated and likely would gave been secured in a appropriate container, when he was placed in a fresh uniform prior to burial.

It's quite possible that they welded it shut
David casually opened it with one hand on the planets surface.

But why would it have an inner latch in the first place? It's unnecessary, given that only the inanimate equipment and raw materials will be inside the casing.
Raw materials?

We did see (eighty years later) the casings being used to transport personnel, there one reason right there. The casing can be used for sensor probes, the ability to expose the sensors by popping the lid could be useful. Same for collecting samples. So there is a need for a interior release.

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