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Re: Missing episodes: a hypothetical question

I'd also prefer option A. I feel that would be ultimately more satisfactory than option B and I also prefer watching complete stories rather than just fragments.

There are more stories I'd like to see completed than the 10 episode limit allows. I'd really want The Tenth Planet to be complete so that's one episode down. The rest I'd split between The Evil of the Daleks and The Ice Warriors which leaves me with one single episode that wouldn't complete any other story and which could go either to The Celestial Toymaker (getting that up to only half of it missing with the two missing episodes possibly getting the animation treatment ), The Moonbase or The Underwater Menace (both of them with then only one episode missing which could be animated).

I didn't include The Invasion and The Reign of Terror in my deliberations because they either have been completed by animation or will be and that's good enough for me.
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