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Re: Anyone familiar with the BBC version of Sherlock Holmes? (spoiler

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^But that doesn't actually account for how he survived the fall, just for how he faked the body.
Its been a while, how tall was that building? Because people have managed to survive falls from many stories, while some will die falling off of a single story home.

While they did set up Molly, personally I would find it hard to believe. One emergency services were right on the spot bloody quickly, and the were quite quick in not letting people get to the body and to haul said body out of the way.

Molly doesn't have any way of managing that.

Who does?

While Mycroft certainly would have the means, the resources, and the motivations to (if) Sherlock survived, get his body away, get him care, and fake his death. In fact, thats the only character that I can see who would have been local would could handle faking all aspects of the death.

Sure if Sherlock did fall, once well could hide out, and work behind the scenes, just as "the Women" did.

If he dropped, I don't see how he could get medical care and remain safely hidden without someone like his bastard of a brother's help.
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