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Re: Would You Be Ok With Khan Being A CGI Ricardo Montalban?

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This is a rumor over at TrekMovie that was started by a presumed production assistant with IDM Comics that created a heated discussion about it.
Is there a link to this?
It's not true. . . just some overzealous Khan fanbois latching onto a theory that supports their Khan-centric view of the movie. . .

in comment 114. of this thread someone named Gilberto claimed that Khan would be CGI. . . in comment 117, someone noticed that there is a Gilberto who is a production assistant at IDW, and it snowballed from there. . .

In this thread everyone who blithely assumed that Gilberto was from IDW was forced to eat crow when it was proven that he really is just Gilberto from Rio de Janeiro who was just pulling theories out of his behind like every other trek fan who has seen the trailers. . .see specifically comment 162.

Nothing to see here. . .

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