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Re: Petition CBS to fix the problems with TNG:S2 Blu.

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I dunno, I'm the guy who sees no point in buying the BluRay sets that are just slightly better than my current DVD sets. My Trek experience really isn't going to be enhanced by being able to see their zippers better or slightly beefed up graphics. The cut scenes/outtakes and other extras are interesting, but will end up on youtube anyways.

And as mentioned, I'm sure there will be another edition some years down the road anyways. Lucas seems to have known what he was doing in re-releasing it every 10 years or so with new editing to generate sales.
It's odd that you bring up Lucas when what he did with the original Star Wars Trilogy on Blu-ray is the antithesis of what is being done with Star Trek: The Next Generation. Lucas didn't go back to the original 35mm camera negatives and re-scan them. He didn't try to re-create the original look of the VFX.

And belittling the quite significant audio/visual improvements found on the TNG Blu-rays in order to justify not buying them is silly and unnecessary. No one here is going to hold it against you if you acknowledged the great improvements the Blu-rays offer yet simply said that your money would be better spent on other more important things right now.

Or in regard to this petition, to simply say, "No thanks, I don't even own a blu-ray player."
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