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Re: NCC = Not Constitution Class?

I think Bjo was pretty good about citing her source for every data point in the Concordance. (She had WGIII for "Writer's Guide, 3rd Edition," TY for "Tomorrow Is Yesterday," BT for "Balance of Terror," and so on.) I think Bjo's failing in this case was that she forgot to cite SS ("Space Seed") as the source for the "Constitution Class" comment. It's understandable: it's not found in dialogue like the vast majority of her Concordance entries. It would have been really easy for her to have lost track of the original source of this data point--as so many people have done. It's sort of like one of "Mudd's Women"--Ruth Bonaventure. Bonaventure? Says who? Ah, says the "Mudd's Women" script--but in script direction that wasn't dialogue. I don't think Carey Wilbur, Gene L. Coon, Bjo Trimble, Matt Jefferies. Greg Jein. and Franz Joseph Schnaubelt all conspired to fraudulently or decptively thwart Gene Roddenberry's "Starship Class" master plan.
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