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Re: Lost Girl--Season 3?

^I figured it might be something like that.

And can I give a ginormous Emmy to Kris Holden-Reid? He was absolutely phenomenal as Kenzi! I was also very impressed with [COLOR=#136cb2]Lina Roessler[/COLOR]'s portrayal of Hale and Wood's rendition of Bo. Seriously, considering Bo is a character based largely on subtle body language & sex appeal, I did not expect that a burly middle-aged man would be able to nail Anna Silk's cadences with such accuracy.

On the other hand, I was less impressed with some of the other performances in the episode. Anna Silk played Wood with a little too much broad redneck in the mix. K.C. Collins couldn't really figure out what to do with Ciara beyond a very dodgy British accent.

And while Kris Holden-Reid nailed Kenzi, Ksenia Solo seemed to struggle a bit with Dyson. She was great at capturing the feral wolf part but couldn't quite capture the rest of it. Oddly enough, I thought Zoie Palmer was a more convincing Dyson and she wasn't even the real Dyson. (And Palmer wins extra points for having the perfect bug-eyed expression for playing a deranged mental patient.)

I'm bummed that Trick didn't switch with anyone. That would have been fun.

But overall, I'm a big fan of body swapping episodes and I think this may have been the best body swapping episode I've ever seen.

BTW, I think I may be looking up too many Lost Girl websites. I'm starting to get a lot more online ads for lesbian dating services.
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