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Re: So Paradise Lost covers nearly three weeks?

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Stardates were never really an accurate way of measuring time beyond what order things happen in. They just plug in numbers to make sure it's later than the last log entry really.
Still, this episode gives actual calendar dates that make it a logt longer than it seems, at least to me, anyway.
Given you have different writers setting the bar every week it is going to fluctuate from episode to episode how much it varies. As for the episode itself, given the material we have, I'd say they were gone a few days, perhaps a week just based on the material and not a Stardate calculator.
Paradise Lost starts four days after "the 23rd" making it the 27th and ends on the 14th. This is stated very clearly in dailogue in the actual episode. I only pulled out the Stardate calculator to determine if it was supposed to be in a month with 30 or 31 days so I could get an exact day count.

So depending on whether or not we accept the Stardate calculator we should only have a one day difference in the day count. Or two if you want to argue that it's in February.
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