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Re: Lost Girl--Season 3?

And then, Dyson & Ciara seemed to have absolutely no issues with kissing each other when they were in Kenzi & Hale's bodies in "Original Skin." Makes a fella wonder why Dyson doesn't seem wierded out by kissing a woman that has Hale's face. But then, I'm already wondering why Dyson didn't seem to have any difficulty in adjusting to wearing Kenzi's enormous 6-inch heels.

So far, I'm up to episode 2x09. I really like this show. The plots aren't exactly rocket science. I often have the bad guy pegged long before the characters do. But the characters are so fun! Kenzi can be my new best friend now! Bo comes across as one of the most relatable protagonists I've seen on any show lately. Hale is fun. Dyson is charming. Trick is very interesting. The only regular that I'm not really feeling right now is Lauren. But I suspect that's mostly because Kenzi doesn't like her, and I'm always compelled to take Kenzi's side in any argument.

Oh, and if you want to see a deeply buried inside joke on the show: When Dyson is first hanging out with his old wolf buddy in "Brotherfae of the Wolves," one of them tells a joke that ends with the punchline, "So then the bear says, 'You didn't really come here to hunt, did you?'" This joke happens to be the favorite joke of the episode's director, Clark Johnson. That's the same Clark Johnson who played Detective Meldrick Lewis on Homicide: Life on the Street and would constantly try to slip that joke into each and every episode where he had even the slightest opportunity.

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Okay, at the end of last night's season finale on Syfy, there was an announcement that LOST GIRL had been been picked up for a third season and "new episodes will--"

Unfortunately, my DVR cut off the announcement in mid-sentence, so I missed the end. What was the gist? New episodes will . . .

. . . return in the Spring?
. . . be available on on-line?
. . . are coming soon on DVD?
"Lost Girl will return in... Octopussy!" (A title with far more interesting & appropriate possibilities here than usual.)
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