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Re: Abrams turns Star Wars because of his "loyalty" to Trek

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The problem I have with the new movies is that I'm basically watching a glorified fan-film. We are told IN THE MOVIE that we are watching alternate versions of our favourite characters. Therefore I give as much of a shit about this iteration of Star Trek as I do about that alternate Riker who got blown up by the Borg or Smiley O'Brien. I don't want to see movies about those guys.
That was just a storytelling conceit to allow them to write new stories for this crew. For all intents and purposes, these are still supposed to be the same characters as in TOS. And I have no problem accepting them as such.

Besides, no matter how they got to that point, the idea of starting fresh with the TOS crew is a really exciting one, I think. And much better than simply dragging out the existing continuity for even longer.
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