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Re: Minor BTTF Part Two question

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However it is intereting to note that, at one point in the trilogy,. there are five versions of the DeLorean (maybe six) that exist all at one time.

I believe the time is 1955.


The one Marty used in the first Back to the Future.
The one the old Biff used to give the young Biff the almanac.
The one Marty used in the Second Back to the Future to fix the alternate timeline.
The one hidden by Doc in 1885 and fixed by them later.
Also, considering the law of Thermodynamics, the ray materials for the original DeLorean exist in some form some time in 1955, not assembled,
When I realized that, that became my favorite movie revelation ever! (I also keep trying to figure out how to reconcile Biff's alternate 1985 with the universe from Watchmen. After all, in both of those universes, Nixon is still President in 1985.)

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The raw materials for the first DeLorean in the 1955 that we see in BTTF 2 are from Earth 3.
Marty's DeLorean is from Earth 1 (which we never see again)
the Flying DeLorean is technically the version from Earth 2
The Burried DeLorean is from Earth 2 but on Earth 3
The Delorean Marty uses is from the original timeline/universe, just like Marty himself. Doc Brown v2 turns Delorean v1 into the Flying Delorean. Future Biff steals that v1 Flying Delorean and returns it, and eventually v1 gets hit by the lighting, gets buried in 1885, and is then sent back to the future using the train.

So Marty and the Delorean are the only things that don't change.
So, at some point, wouldn't there also be a non-flying, non-time traveling Delorean sitting around somewhere in the alternate 1985 because Doc was never able to build a time machine because he was committed to an insane asylum? Or would that have been destroyed/overwritten out of existence alongside the alternate Marty that was at a boarding school in Switzerland?
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