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Re: Abrams turns Star Wars because of his "loyalty" to Trek

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JJ-Trek is all we have and watching it is a joyless, depressing experience.
The problem I have with the new movies is that I'm basically watching a glorified fan-film. We are told IN THE MOVIE that we are watching alternate versions of our favourite characters. Therefore I give as much of a shit about this iteration of Star Trek as I do about that alternate Riker who got blown up by the Borg or Smiley O'Brien. I don't want to see movies about those guys.

The Prime universe is continuing on just fine and that's the universe I'm interested in. I resent being TOLD that we now have to follow these mirror versions (no fault of the actors, save for Sylar who I'm not into as Spock. I'm already wishing Cumberbatch had been around to take the role) instead of the 'universe' we had invested countless hours in.

Of course, if the movie had been engaging in any way other than as a spectacle I may I have felt differently. I don't even blame JJ; I think he's a decent director. My issues lie with the writing.

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