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Re: Mass Effect games as Sci-fi

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The movies will most likely focus on the main storyline and have its hands full with it as it is.. i'd also guess they won't switch out nearly the entire team from movie to movie so the movies will bound to deviate significantly from the games.
Well they could probably get away with it if they keep some of the sequel game squad mates in the sequels (honestly they could trim out the less interesting ones) and Mass Effect 3 has most of the original squad back anyway so it wouldn't be too much trouble there.

Honestly as long as a film based on Mass Effect 2 has the same beats ie Shepard forced into basically going outlaw and working with terrorist organization Cerberus because none of governments want to get involved with the Collector attacks it should still work, of course I'm rather they still blew up the Normand SR-1 and replace it with the (in my opinion) better designed Normandy SR-2.
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