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Re: Essential Star Trek Novels That Even Non-Trekkers Should Read

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I read the synopsis of Haldeman's Planet of Judgement, and it sounds like an interesting read. Just ordered a used copy as it is not an ebook yet (bummer). Any thoughts on this novel?
It's my second-favorite of the Bantams, after David Gerrold's excellent but horribly titled The Galactic Whirlpool. Haldeman clearly knew his Trek pretty well, but he also filtered the universe through his own style and perspective as an SF author and a military veteran, and gave the landing parties somewhat more advanced procedures and equipment than they were generally shown to have on TV (like body armor, for one thing). There are some interesting ideas and nice bits of characterization of a sort that wasn't too common in the early novels, including a flashback to McCoy's divorce which featured the first appearance of Joanna McCoy in a work of professional fiction (though two previous Gold Key comics had given McCoy a daughter named Barbara).

Its main problem is that it introduces a trio of guest characters who have a bit of a romantic triangle going on (one of whom is a roman a clef of James Blish), but then pretty much forgets about them in the second half and never gives them any resolution.
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