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Re: It's not just a new control room...

Well they never did state just how long the Doctor was up in the clouds with his Tardis - maybe he was just playing with the "desktop themes" and that was just one of them that he wanted to try out. Y'know how when you're bored and you start checking out new wallpapers or screensavers or other themes on your computer, not because it really needed to be changed, but it was just something to do to pass the time.

It's kinda neat - looks less "Farscape" than the previous two. Especially the 9th/10th Doctor's - honestly I remember when I first saw a picture of the Tardis control room somewhere online I thought it was a set for some new Farscape thing.

I'll admit - the other two looked "alien" and kinda goofy - this one looks like a proper control room, who knows maybe he'll actually be able to hit the right marks instead of getting way off base now. Although I suppose since we know that the Tardis likes effin' with him like that... who knows. But when 9 and 10 had a mallet on a rope to smack the controls... how accurate could it REALLY be?
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