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Re: Who is John Harrison (Possible SPOILERS or Insane Babbling)

I appreciate the snarky retorts, and enjoy reading the discussion.

I should have done a forum search, 'tis true. I've been off-BBS for quite a long time and this is the only thread I read before my post.

JJ is gonna get my $$$ no matter who is right on this one...but I will eat my ticket stub if I'm wrong. AND I'll be really disappointed in him if he picks an obvious villain like Khan or Mitchell. About as much as I was when he obliterated Vulcan, but not so much that I'll wait for the BlueRay.

I also hated Cromwell as Cochrane, because he looked nothing like Glenn Corbett. I wasn't a huge fan of TNG, so I was unaware he played Minister Nayak until I just looked it up. I don't much care if the actor plays multiple parts with lots of makeup, but it really wrecks things for me if the same actor is used in a recognizable manner for multiple parts. But that is beside the point of the thread...

Weller had to be convinced to play Paxton; I'd be hard pressed to think he would be willing to play someone else in the Trek universe. No offense to myself, I think he would be a slave to canon. He's a history professor, after all.

And admittedly I wouldn't mind to see some sort of homage to ENT. That show sucked for 3 years and then they cancelled it when it was finally getting good. It deserved better, but that is also beside the point of this thread...
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