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Re: Abrams turns Star Wars because of his "loyalty" to Trek

I'm not deluding myself at all, I could take or leave most of the Star Trek films. Apart from The Motion Picture which is brilliant because it's everything Abrams' Trek isn't.
It's also a boring, poorly written 2001 wannabe that's further away from Star Trek than Abrams film could ever be.
Star Trek isn't 2001, so shouldn't aspire to be. It shouldn't aspire to be Star Wars either.
I've seen those kinds of comments fairly frequently and never understand them. Back in 1979, "Star Trek" was 78 episodes of reruns and a Saturday morning kid show. What was the "essence" that TMP was far away from or should have aspired to be? TMP was consistent with the tone and themes of several TOS episodes; in fact it was criticized as being a retread of a couple of them.

TMP ended up a mess but there are undeniable building blocks there that bespeak a movie crafted to be something thoughtful and substantial as well as entertaining. I'll take that over a movie as profit-maximizing product any day, imperfections and all.
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