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Re: Abrams turns Star Wars because of his "loyalty" to Trek

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Star Trek is a show about a group of people that travel the stars.
that's how I felt about ds9. Turned out I was wrong.

I don't understand what people are watching when they go on and on about the philosophy in star trek in relation to the movies. Are they watching the same movies I did? I saw TMP on opening night and left the theatre fighting back tears. It was cold and empty. I still don't see anything redeemable in that movie.

JJ's trek at least had the theme of people overcoming difficult circumstances to achieve what they were supposed to achieve in life.

Sure, Star Trek has some great philosophical messages. Sometimes....
On tv....
But Star Trek is at it's best on tv. There is really no reason to make it into a movie unless you are going to have a lot of big explosions and high budget special effects that can't be done in a tv budget and would be wasted on the small screen.
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