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Re: Who is John Harrison (Possible SPOILERS or Insane Babbling)

I watched Season 4 of Enterprise and religiously, so thanks for lumping everybody together into one convenient category. It's not John Frederick Paxton. The man was middle aged in the 2150s and would be about 140 or 150 years old in the time of the new movie. The occasional Admiral Archer or Leonard McCoy here and there across almost half a century of Trek does not a regular occurrence make nor should it. Having so many human beings live to extraordinary ages stops being poignant and entertaining after a while and becomes a boring, lazy cliche.

Sure, I suppose Paxton did prison time back on Earth for the Terra Prime attacks seen in ENT and could have always been put in cryogenic suspension at some unspecified later date, but we've seen no evidence that a villain from the prequel series is going to be in the film. Peter Weller is simply playing another role the way James Cromwell did when he came back to the franchise to portray Zefram Cochrane (a lot of people seem to forget that Cromwell actually made three or four other guest appearances in Trek before he was signed to be in FIRST CONTACT in 1996).

It's not Paxton. It's not the same guy.
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