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Re: Minor BTTF Part Two question

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For any one who cares, here is a link to a reprint of all of the versions of Starlog's "The Other Marty McFly"
Anyone ever asked Zemeckis about that?

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The raw materials for the first DeLorean in the 1955 that we see in BTTF 2 are from Earth 3.
Marty's DeLorean is from Earth 1 (which we never see again)
the Flying DeLorean is technically the version from Earth 2
The Burried DeLorean is from Earth 2 but on Earth 3
The Delorean Marty uses is from the original timeline/universe, just like Marty himself. Doc Brown v2 turns Delorean v1 into the Flying Delorean. Future Biff steals that v1 Flying Delorean and returns it, and eventually v1 gets hit by the lighting, gets buried in 1885, and is then sent back to the future using the train.

So Marty and the Delorean are the only things that don't change.
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.

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