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Re: Are regenerations still capped at 12?

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I'm just curious though, has it been brought up in the current modern era that he's only got 13 regenerations? I mean, did Ecceleston or Tennent or Smith ever say that he's got 13 lives? Now that's technically the last of the old Time Lords, maybe some of the old rules no longer apply. Tennant sorta proved that when he declared himself Time Lord Victorious. So... who knows.
In the Doctor Who spinoff The Sarah ane Adventures there was (A possible throwaway) line asking the Doctor how many Regenerations he had and he responded 512 (or something over 500). Thi may have been a real reply, or may have been a joke.

River has shown us concern about how much Regeneration energy the Doctor has, so, there certainly is a limit she believes he's close to.
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