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Re: Starship Farragut's "The Price of Anything"

So, I am watching It's a Wonderful Life... You ever notice the editing in this thing? It's a pretty solid film. Acting is very good all the way around. The story is well paced. They way the shots are composed are excellent, especially for the period. When you get to the editing, it's a little weird. 90% of it is smooth and well done. There are, however, some VERY jarring cuts that I can't quite explain. One if the biggest is when Potter has the run in with George's uncle at the bank. The scene is cut with a few shots that are almost if they were shot and reshot and heavily improvised on the day of the shoot. Though this scene sticks out like a sore thumb, the film is so much better than this one spot. It's important to remember things like this when watching fan films. The execution doesn't always have to be perfect when making any film. Thumbs up Farragut.
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