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Re: Where do I start?

Well Cutter John, how many times did they do that on Star Trek too? Completely spoil whatever 'surprise' there was in the episode right in the trailer?

I kinda wonder if they need to make the 'Next Time' previews shorter, I know when I watch them on Netflix, it feels like if I accidentally skipped the next episode in viewing order, I still 'get' what happened. Which kinda shouldn't be the case. They're supposed to draw a viewer in not give them an almost synopsis of the upcoming episode to the point of spoiling.

I do agree for a new fan Rose is a good starting point - gets into a lot of the backstory and really the seasons aren't that long. I only really got into watching Dr Who and became a fan just within the past month, just before Thanksgiving. When I got a new Tablet and I wanted to watch something new, figured I'd give Dr. Who a try and actually I did try to start with Matt Smith's first, but I dunno something just didn't grab me until I went further back, now Matt Smith makes more 'sense' when looked at as an evolution of Tennant's and Eccleston's Doctors. Especially if you're coming into the series cold. Snowmen was a good story but I dunno if it really did enough to get a new fan brought up to speed enough - especially since it's still months before the new season starts up. Plenty of time really to get caught up. There isn't THAT much before it.

Although I have to admit Wikipedia and the Tardis Index File Wikia really do help A LOT to get up to speed on Dr. Who lore and give a bit more detail as to what happened even in more current episodes. I feel like after spendng time on the Wikis and generally going through entries and doing the whole 'rabbit hole' thing where you keep going deeper and deeper into it. I feel like I know enough about Dr Who and the big characters and races and the universe it inhabits. In a lot of ways Dr. Who is a lot easier to get into than a lot of other long running franchises. While yes there's 50 years of history, you really don't need it to get into what's going on right now in the show. And while more consumption of the past episodes helps a lot as you get into it, it only serves to make the experience richer.

Now I really do see what all the fuss was about. Although I did try watching some of the old Tom Baker episodes and... I dunno just didn't appeal to me in the same way. Might be just the fact that I'm used to a less 'quirky' Doctor or a younger Doctor or just it feels like watching ANY old show from the 70s or 80s and you cringe at the writing, the clothes, the now really dated effects and costuming. Even early TNG can make people cringe at it worse than TOS. Or the original BSG. Not to say it didn't have good writing or wasn't a good show, it's just... it makes you remember when we had big hair and really bad clothes! LOL
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