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Re: Where was Earth's Leader?

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From Rapture.

WHATLEY: Not sorry enough to return my comm. signals. All three of them. That could get an officer in a lot of trouble. Look, Ben, I need to know that I can count on you. Now, Bajor's admission is only the beginning. Now comes the hard part. Federation council members have to be chosen, the Bajoran militia has to be absorbed into Starfleet. There are thousands of details that have to be overseen and you're our point man here. That means we need to depend on you more than ever.
They just chose people at random?

Or they chose the most qualified?

Or they chose the most influential who has greased the most palms?

Choose is a very vague word.

I'd say there's an 8 percent chance that in this context that "chose" means "duly and democratically elect".
For whatever it's worth, in the books the First Minister of Bajor just appointed this councilor. No votes, no approval or anything.
Not exactly. Normally, Bajoran law requires the First Minister to get the approval of the Chamber of Ministers to appoint any off-world representatives; when the Republic of Bajor joined the Federation, this was interpreted to include the Federation Councillor from the Republic of Bajor. But the Chamber was in recess, the Federation Council was about to begin its session, and Federation law prevented a Councillor from joining mid-session. So the First Minister made a recess appointment that would expire sooner than normal, during a Chamber session, and which would thereafter require Chamber approval.
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