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Re: A country without Money how it's work?

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any system where one man has to live in the streets so that another can live in decadent luxury cannot be very good
Except the mere presence of a wealth person doesn't necessitate that the one man "has" to live in the streets. There no direct connection. If you take the wealth person and all their money/possessions and somehow delete them from existence, the one man is still where he was before.

If you stipulate that the wealth person has a vendetta against the one man, and is purposely ruining his life, then that is something different. But simply being wealth doesn't mean the first person is the cause of the one man's street existence. Again, there is no direct connection.

What is the actual reason for the one man living on the streets? Is there drug and alcohol use? Are there psychological problems? I doubt it's because Donald Trump has a real nice house.



the act or practice of assigning blame or failure to others,
to deflect attention or responsibility away from oneself.


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