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Re: Greatest Alpha Quadrant Conflicts?

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... and probably nothing like them afterwards.
That is quite the optimism, Sci.
I share it. Let's hope we are smart enough to stay away from such insane behaviour as we have proven we are capable of.
Real world - while I think it borders on wishful thinking, I share your mind-set; I find it the only useful mind-set.

Trek lit universe - . Darkness and destruction are the trendy thing to do.
Daniel already named a few conflicts on par with the dominion war/borg extermination. Chances are the upcoming 'The fall' will add to the bodycount; 'Cold equations', 3rd book already featured huge red-shirt destruction; etc.

But it's more than that - when it comes to Sci.
For example - not so long ago, he was vocal regarding Data remaining dead - in order to keep the ~'integrity of the trek lit line'.
Now, if asked, Sci would almost certainly say bringing back Data was a good idea. And would come up with excuses such as ~it's not really Data; it was a well done resurrection; etc - excuses are easy to conjure; I, you or anyone else can come up with a multitude if we really want to. And Sci REALLY wants to - frankly, I don't understand his compulsion to incessantly play the apologist for the trek lit line.
"Let truth and falsehood grapple ... Truth is strong" - John Milton
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