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Re: VOY Caption This 95; Beverage

- Captain, sometimes I feel that in order to get any attention around here, I should implant a coffee nozzle in my forehead. Captain? Captain!

Once, a long time ago, I called this replicator a glorified toaster. It never forgave me. Sorry, did you say something about the coffee?

Harry, haven't you made up your mind yet?

Sorry Tom, her price list has more pages than a Chinese restaurant menu. About this number twelve -

No substitutions!

Wanna go stress test a bio bed?

Does a neurostatic pulse to the secondary neocortex make a Cytoplasmic Lifeform lose bowel control?


Yes. Yes, it does.

Janeway: Why did the Vulcan sell his wedding ring in the Delta Quadrant?

Janeway: He wanted to pawn far.

Mister Vulcan, you use the word "Logic" an awful lot. Actually, its root origin, <air quotes> "Cthia," is a deeper Vulcan concept that is merely translated into Federation Standard as "logic." It actually denotes a more complex meaning of "reality-truth." This goes far beyond your throwaway referent of "logic" as a simple-minded catchall idiom. A more sophisticated understanding of Vulcan logic refers to deeper connotations of the psychosocial/ ethno-mythology of logic as objective fact - beyond even perceptual contexts of a given observer - as opposed to your typical rationale. It invokes emotional mastery and the pacifism espoused by Surak, whose epistemological definition of <air quotes> "Cthia" would actually exist in contradiction to <air quotes> "Logic" as you so often bring up. Surak was a famous Vulcan phil-aggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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