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Re: BooksOnBoard has the lowest priced Star Trek eBooks

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FYI, I just got the Cold Equations #2 (Silent Weapons) Ebook for $5.99 on Amazon, don't know if it's a sale that won't last long, but if someone has a Kindle, might be worth a look-see now! Oh btw the Persistence of Memory Ebook is also $5.99.
BoB is still $5.53 (with Google Checkout) vs the 5.99 for the first two Cold Equations eBooks. And, The Body Electric is still $2.06 more then at BoB. if you buy all three Cold Equations eBooks at Amazon, you will be paying $2.98 more then at BoB. But if you really enjoy spend more for the same content, feel free. Personally, I'll spend less and enjoy it more knowing I paid less.
Well it's convenient for me to buy Ebooks on Amazon for my Kindle; not a great techno expert. And I already bought the Cold Equations #1 paperback (at a discount) so won't also get the Ebook. And no, I won't pay full price for #3, don't usually do that w/books. Anyway, I just thought it's interesting that Amazon suddenly dropped the price of 2 newer Trek Ebooks, in my view saving $2 a book is better than nothing.
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