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Purposing Federation Ships During the Dominion War

I want to discuss what you my fellow board mates think the Federation ships employed the Dominion War purposes were and where they would've been stationed tactically in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.

From DS9 we know Galaxy, Defiant, Excelsior and Miranda class ships were used in Dominion campaigns.

From VOY we know Akira, and Prometheus class ships were used.

Intrepid and Sovereign class ships were relatively new and in service during the Dominion struggle but neither show displayed them being used in the conflict. We can assume they were fighting though, since Miranda and Excelsior class were both century old models and dozens were seen in the DS9 campaigns.

With these being the canon resources of Star Fleet at the time. Where would you deploy them?

For instance I can imagine Sovereign Class ships being deployed to defend the Federation founding worlds Earth, Vulcan, Andoria etc.

Defiant class are escort ships. We saw Sisko and crew with their's. There were 2 accompanying a Akira class in the episode VOY Message in a Bottle. Last but not least a Defiant class used for training cadets in the episode DS9 Valiant. I imagine they were divided throughout the Quadrant, since they were so small you could create one in a short time. Hell even the rag tag crew in the mirror universe put one together.

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