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How about Star Trek 2-4.. Spock gets killed, brought back to live, saves whales.. Kirk dealing with old age in pretty much all of them.. How about every super villain Kirk has fought in every film? How about Picard dealing with his loneliness and solitude being a ship captain? I could go on and on. I know nothing about the plot of this film so I can't conclude that the plot is the same as the 2009 film. Maybe you've already seen the film and can make that conclusion? And yes, of course you're being petty. Extremely. Carry on.
Have you even seen the first ten films? Based on your description above, I'd say no. Might want to correct that before coming into a discussion that involves them...

TMP - Searching for its creator.
TWOK - Bad guy with an axe to grind who acquires the ability to make a big bang.
TSfS - Bad guy trying to acquire weapon for his government.
TVH - Probe comes looking for whales.
TFF - Spock's brother searching for God.
TUC - Conspiracy flick with the two sides working together so they can continue to hate each other.

Need I go on?
Oh do go on. It's fairly obvious where you stand on the matter. I've been a fan since the original show was on TV, so you're not going to sway me with your condescending attitude about how I somehow don't understand Star Trek the way you do. Every incarnation of Star Trek has brought something new to the table and we'll see what Abrams brings to the table on this outing, now that the introduction has been taken care of. You see, this is a CONTINUATION of the first film. That's how a sequel works, so of course they're going to pick up on threads about Kirk and Spock as characters, just as they did with the series of films 30-odd years ago. You can sit this one out if you're not interested...But to say that they didn't continue storylines across the six films is ignorant at best.
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