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Re: "The Dark Knight Rises" Review and Discussion Thread (spoilers)

I'm grateful for waiting for this one to show up on Redbox.
It was curiously watchable, in a wow, what ignorant shit is gonna happen next?! way. The writer/director delirium is so blatant that it feels churlish to measure this flick against any standards. Not against normal, intelligible notions of plot, characterization, thematic integrity, physics, chemistry, basic common sense nor familiarity with normal human behavior!

But, the latest float in a parade of nonsense duly arrives every few minutes for our amusement, however unintentional. As a result, this is a much, much livelier viewing experience than the solemn, self-absorbed and pompous predecessors. The only sour note was during Michael Caine's breakdown: The appearance of a seemingly genuine human emotion didn't fit the tone of the movie at all.

Seeing men tear a plane apart, apparently by hand, tips us off in the first few minutes. Catwoman's lesbian girfriend dropped immediately in favor of the Right Man (aka Big Dick,) exploding concrete, "foundations" that don't have an endowment, Alfred's worldwide web of criminal contacts, a football player who really is playing football as the field blows up, and, of course, pretty much every aspect of the plot....the powers of invention of nonsense are unflagging.

I guess that is an achievement of sorts.
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