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Most Powerful Sci-Fi Civilization

Was curious what everyone thinks could be the most powerful sci-fi civilization in science fiction. Let's for a moment forget about "Q" since we know they're omnipotent beings unmatched in Star Trek. Sure, Continuum are powerful but we already know this and we already know they could probably win for being the most powerful.

We have an assortment of ridiculously powerful beings, from Doctor Who's Time Lords and you have things like The Culture, The Foundation, The Forerunners (and maybe even grossly more powerful than them, the Precursors), The Leviathans (who were nearly wiped out by their own machines), The Gree, etc. ad nauseum.

Who do you feel would be able to at least come close, to say, Q and his race? Who is the most technologically, ridiculously powerful race in all of sci-fi?
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