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Re: Latest acquisition!

'Twas a Treklit-ish Xmas for me. I decided to be more direct with loved ones this year, and offered specific titles that I was interested in, a tradition I will continue in years to come; I'm happier, they're happier, we're all happier.

In any case:

-Federation: The First 150 Years; this was actually a much delayed birthday present that came a few days ago. Pretty darn impressed. Am working my way through slowly. The visuals are beautiful. The story is well-done. I found that the WWIII section felt a bit oversimplified, which took me out of the narrative, but I really liked the Romulan War story (quite a bit more than I liked the Pocket Books version), and I'm really liking the early days of the Federation. Looking forward to Christopher's alternate take on it in the spring.

-Ships of the Line: 2013: gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous.

-Star Trek: The Next Generation IDW Omnibus: it certainly is... big. Nearly 500 pages. I've read the first 50 so far, and, while the quality so far is varying, I'm enjoying it, and am looking forward, in particular, to The Last Generation. I do wish the book was a bit larger, physically; the comics feel a bit cramped.

-Spock vs. Q audiobook: Aw yeah.

I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday to get The Body Electric, but they were out (which is, all in all, a good thing!), so I will go later this week, which is fine by me, because I want to finish rereading Silent Weapons first.

EDIT: Also, the TNG 365 book. Very cool, that is.

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