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Re: Where was Earth's Leader?

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I've seen a lot of people get confused with plots of sci-fi show episodes, even when they seem obvious to those who follow the show religously. I knew someone who didn't realize time travel was involved in TNG's All Good Things. He spent the whole time watching All Good Things.. thinking "WTF?".

And this guy was quite a bright guy who would go on to become a school administrator.

In other words, thinking it would be confuse viewers doesn't mean the producers think they are dumb....
Well, All Good Things did flat out openly state he was traveling in time several times in the episode(to say nothing of the aging/changed clothes between time periods) so it's not like it was some super complicated continuity thing drawing elements in from all seven seasons. Seems like your someone just wasn't paying attention. Having an Earth government present is no more complicated than people comprehending the president and governor of a state responding to a crisis in said state.
Well yeah.

People are weird. I've seen people not realize the leaves were changing colors, while we were in a full-blown fall foliage peak with bright orange, yellow and red trees all over the place.

Yes, it would be like an episode or movie with a President working with a state governor. The West Wing has done that. I think Sci-Fi shows has a weird effect on some people, confusing them just because they know it's a sci-fi show.
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