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Re: Essential Star Trek Novels That Even Non-Trekkers Should Read

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If people have not seen or liked Star Trek, then the list is not for them. So that doesn't count.
Says who?

That a far bigger bunch of people than 'those that really like Star Trek but never read the novels' which would be a totally different list.

In the case of the former, I was simply pointing out that Trek books based around new characters do, in general, assume less prior knowledge, not more. Whenever a Titan novel first mentions Lavena, it always takes a sentence out to explain the Pacifican/breathing apparatus thing. When a TNG novel first mentions Data, it doesn't stop to explain he's an android with no emotions, or that Worf is from a warrior race obsessed with 'honor'. Yet for someone that's not seen much Trek (or maybe watched one series, but not another, or has just forgot), it's the same issue.

The writers always ensure their books are accessible to new readers by re-introducing and explaining certain things, but they assume basic knowledge of the TV shows. So the fewer links to the TV shows, the more accessible the novel becomes.
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