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Re: Episode of the Week: Symbiosis

I really like Picard's solution, probably the most sensible use of the Prime Directive in any Trek series, he makes the usual obstacle in the way of dealing with a problem the solution. Pretty neat.

Not much else pushed my buttons though, despite the infamous OTT nature of Tasha's speech it's generally a competently made but dull episode where it's really hard to give a toss about any of the guest characters.

After a recent run of good form Will Wheaton is really off this week as well, but with some of the lines he's got lumbered with that's pretty understandable.

The other real low point is Doctor Crusher. Yes she's a doctor, yes she cares about all life, but constantly harassing the Captain in a not even particularly well argued way (it's mainly just her pouting and going "But Jean-Luc you can't do that!") is not only annoying but makes you wonder if she fell asleep in the middle of the whole swearing to uphold the Prime Directive thing.

She's knows Picard is in a difficult situation as he can't break the rules. She also knows he's a smart, capable and moral man who will do everything he can to work round them. Which, amazingly, he does in the end. After all their years of friendship she should have known she didn't have to do the full on patronising for him to ultimately take action. After raising her points once and in a straightforward fashion there should have been trust.

Frankly, the episode would have been much better if she'd been the one on space dope.
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