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Re: possible reason we never seen the phaser rifle after w.n.m.h.g.b.

How prominently was the term "laser" used in "The Cage"? I remember it being mentioned, but has fannon evolved around that to distort it into more than it was in the pilot?

That seems to be a techno/historical/continuity hangup; if one assumes lasers were the weapons-of-choice in the 2250s, then one has to scratch one's head and explain how/when phasers replaced lasers. But if TOS phasers and ENT phase pistols/canons are all different rungs on the particle beam evolutionary ladder anyway, then it would seem that Berman & Company (unwittingly?) left their mark on TOS history, and it would seem that Pike and company were actually using some kind of particle beam weaponry that was simply referred to as "laser" as a kind of slang. (It should be noted that "laser" is, after all, an acronym; IIRC, "laser" stands for Light Amplification through Stimulated Emission of Radiation, or something like that... I seem to recall Sternbach & Okuda referring to "phaser" as slang for "phased ray emitter" in literature over 20 years ago.)
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