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Re: New Empire magazine STID photos

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Somehow the fact that Abrams is doing it makes it not ok for some people. That's just petty.
It's not about Abrams. It's about recentness. A decade ago, people were trashing Enterprise just as viciously. A quarter-century ago, there was widespread outrage about TNG. Before that it was the TOS movies, and before that it was the animated series. There have always been Trek fans who are vehemently hostile to whatever the newest incarnation of the franchise is, unable to tolerate the fact that it's different from what existed before. Yet the differences or continuity errors they denounce as unprecedented betrayals and corruptions are really no greater than the differences and continuity errors that have been part of the franchise all along. I've seen the cycle repeat over and over, so I can tell you -- whatever specific charges they level against the individual work or its individual creators are just the excuse. The real reason is that they're just uncomfortable with novelty. Which is sad, really, because Star Trek is supposed to be about facing the new and different with curiosity and wonder.
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