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Re: VOY: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)

There are two parts to this book, the journey and the destination.

I found the journey part to be pretty good. Not up to par with the previous three Beyer novels but still good. I have an aversion to plots where the entire universe is threatened but this was handled OK. I thought the Trek tidbits from previous episodes and books were a pretty good selection and handled well, Riley, Omega, the various Q's, Kes, Janeway's time trip in series finale, Seven dying in the alternate timeline. All that was brought in seemed to make sense and held together plot wise but it just didn't blow me away like Children of the Storm did. The way Janeway came back didn't make me groan which was what I was expecting. And since Janeway's back we need to get rid of Eden so her spot is open but there's been foreshadowing for that so that's convenient.

And the destination part, where we ended up? I've said before Kirsten Beyer has done something no one else has done, make me want to read another Voyager book after having just finished a Voyager book. That's not the case here. It seems like a lot of the work in the previous novels setting up an interesting situation was undone here so we can end up in a place that's less interesting to me.

Janeway is back so obviously she needs to be in a relationship with Chakotay. My god, those scenes were death to me. How many pages of were there of Paris talking about how cute Mira is? And now they are going to have a second kid? Four more ships in the fleet were destroyed so 2/3's of the fleet have been destroyed so there's not much of a fleet left. And Icheb is back for basically no reason.

We're pretty much at the point where we were during the series only Voyager has a couple of support ships and a slip stream drive so they can go home when they want so the situation is less tense. All we need is for Tuvok to get a transfer and we're really resetting things. The book it self was fine, the weakest of the 4, but still good. I just feel let down by the fact that it seems like we're starting over again.

There was a point where DS9r was rocking and Voyager Relaunched was terrible, then things switched. DS9r fell apart and Beyer took over and Voyager was awesome. Now with the DRGIII DS9 books being awesome and Voyager seemingly devolving into J/C fan fiction, at least from my perspective, it looks like things have switched back again. It doesn't look like there's a Voyager book in 2013, unless an unexpected author is writing a Voyager Fall book, so I guess we have to wait at least a year to find out. I just feel like this book left the story in a place that I'm not all that interested in reading about.
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