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Re: A country without Money how it's work?

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(Responding to OP not reading rest of thread first)

Sounds to me you don't accept the basic premise of the show. Yes, whenever they tried to abolish money and private property in the real world people got lazy and things went to crap. But in the future, nobody is lazy and everybody wants to improve themselves. Realistic? Maybe not, but that's the premise of the show.

I do think having no economy makes a little more sense in a world of abundance where scarcity of resources has been eliminated due to replicators. On Earth in Star Trek there is literally enough so that everybody can have everything they need.
Ah thank you for coming.
Yes, I didn't agree with the basic premise of the show, honestly. Because it's too idealistic and won't work for me with my logic (even when it's only a fiction)

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Then when replicators came out I can't imagine anyone still working a job they don't love.
That would depend on how much it cost to operate your replicator. The water that comes out of my kitchen faucet might seem to be free, but I do pay for it once a month.

Yes, it is. That's why I thought that maybe the people in Trek's Earth is paid by the energy allocation.
For example, I work as Closet Cleaner and I get 20 energy allocation, the other work as Starfleet Admiral and get 1000 energy allocation to use in replicator.
But someone here said that everything is free and they are all free loader. That's why I confused with how would the government control their civilization and make them responsible with their action? Everything need limit. Even with the use of Replicator, they need limitation, or else the energy distribution won't be enough.

Look at these two people.

One work as Closet Cleaner, the other as a doctor. Looking at these two, we would know that a Doctor is more important for the society than the closet cleaner (hell, who can prevent somebody from working as closet cleaner? if it is his / her choice? At least, closet cleaner is better than a vagabond). Then, the Closet Cleaner uses the energy allocation for a lot of useless things.

What prevent the doctor to think :
1. Hell, I'm cleverer than him (the closet cleaner), I worked hard with my study to become a doctor. And why would I got the same reward as that useless closet cleaner and the free loader? Shouldn't I just to become the free loader myself?
2. This is crazy. Why everyone are lazy? Why won't they become responsible like me? Look at me, a doctor. Work for the society. Why won't they work? Why The Government doesn't whip these useless Freeloader and make them more useful for the society? Yes, I have received appreciation. People rewards me with praise. But everyone can praise everyone else. and they gave me medal. Oh hell medal. I have a collection of them, but still, why I'm the only one who work here?

Because people have envy. They want equality, but everyone have their own capacity and work ethic. So how the Trek Earth give these useful doctor reward for their willingness to work hard and study for the society? A medal? A praise? or what? In today world, there is social status. A doctor would be have better social status than a beggar. But what about the Trek Earth?

Now there are two officers in the same ship

Officer A is very diligent, he is very dedicated and vigilant in his work. Nobody on the ship could work more than him. While Officer B is lazy. He's prefer to be in a holodeck more than in his work. Or maybe he work, but only because his commanding officer scold him periodically. Now, in our timeline, we could handle this matter by giving reward and punishment. We could give the diligent worker with bonus, wage raise, etc. In the end, the diligent worker would have better house, car, and other luxury that the world can provide, while the lazy one will never get anything.

But in the future? (in Trek world?)

The lazy one will think about this : Ah, the diligent get medal again. Well yes, congratulation for him. Cheer! Now, let me make a beer from the replicator for him. Well, I can give him whatever I want as it's free for both of us. So, when will I receive a medal like him? Ah go to hell. As long as I can masturbate in the holodeck I don't need anything else.

A medal? Common, just look at your surrounding school. Could you motivate the lazy students with only a medal? Yes, you can motivate the diligent one with medal, but you won't be able to whip the lazy people with only a medal.

and what about the punishment the lazy one? To be fired from the Starfleet? Common, there is no difference for him to being having a job or not. So no body would actually be afraid to be fired from the job.

Court Martial him? Well, it's work. But... are you sure that you'll be court martial ed by your superior just because you are lazy?

Now, please tell me how to handle this situation. And don't tell me the same "People in the future are diligent. Nobody are lazy, etc, etc, etc, again.

Or Genetic Engineered them by removing the lazy genes and putting the diligent one? Brainwash them with telepathic technology? Well, it's work. But you are no longer a whole human anymore if they are doing that to you.

One thing more :

Why limitation is important?

1. There is always limit for everybody energy reserve. The citizen should understand that their energy ration won't disturb the distribution of energy to the entire planet. Now let me ask you. what happen to you if I take your right of being able to use the replicator? If I use too much energy reserve in the world, there is a chance that I would taking the other people's energy for my own purpose.

2. To reward diligent people and person who contribute the society

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